Monday, April 8, 2013

32 weeks and he has a face!

I turned 32 weeks on Saturday! Woohoo!
This means I'm 8 weeks away from my due date and 6 weeks away from my last day at work (cannot freakin wait!). This month I'm working 3 weekends in a row (on top of my normal M-F) and the last weeked is my baby shower. I'm going to be exhaused but I'm hoping that will only make the time go by faster, lol (glass half full kind of outlook).
Last thursday I had a growth ultrasound. Baby boy is contiunally doing fantastic and is 4lbs 3oz. He is only a couple days ahead now so I'm hoping he gains weight nice and slow as I fear having a big baby will make my doctor push a c-section. So far even with GD and SUA the C word has not been mentioned as I'm assuming baby boy is doing great and so am I.
Since changing my nutrition around I have lost 4lbs which means I've only gain 6lbs during this pregancy, unbelieveable as I feel enourmous. Starting as a bigger girl at 220 lbs (I tend to not look it since I have very large breasts) my goal was simply not to gain more than 25lbs. So happy to have that working out so far.
The technician was also able to get a 3D picture too! It's terrible and blurry but for a moment I saw his face! his beautiful, blurry little face :)

He looks like he is resting peacefully in there. At the begining of the ultrasound the first thing out of the techincians mouth was "ahh look, he has lots of hair!" She showed me all these little tiny squiggly lines coming off of his head, so cute! And for all those curious, no I did not have a huge hearburn issue. At best it hit 2-3 times and thats it. So the myth has been debunked!

I'm pretty confident he is going to have my hair (at least the quantity). DH was a pretty bald headed baby but I was born a wolf. Here is a picture of me barely 3 weeks old. I was a full term, way past my due baby and my mom had my ears pieced at only a few days old (just in case anybody thinks I don't look like a newborn here, lol)

Hehe...I wish I had this kind of volume now!

I'll have to post a picture of my DH so you guys can try to figure out what my little guy is going to look like!

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