Trying to Conceive Abbreviations

Many women can tell you that after a few months of trying (let’s call it anywhere from 3-5 months) you turn to the internet for help. I was one of these women and in my search I found the trying to conceive forums as many women do. In my blog I will be using some abbreviations that I have picked up since going to the forums inspired me to start this blog and it will be lingo that will be handy for any of those who plan to use the forums as well. 

TTC=Trying to Conceive                OPK=Ovulation Predictor Kits
DH=Darling Husband                      HPT=Home pregnancy test
AF=Aunt Flow (Your period)        BFN=(Big Fat Negative)
CD=Cycle Day                                  BFP=(Big Fat Positive)-still waiting to use this.
DPO=Days past ovulation              BBT=Basal Body Temperature
2WW= 2 week wait

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