Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Wombmate! Baby #2!

Yep you read that right.
I am pregnant...again!

I don't even know how and I can tell you it wasn't planned at all.

Ok, so unlike my first TTC adventure, I wasn't doing nearly half the stuff that I was doing for my little ducky. Right around Henry's 8 month or so, DH and I stop using condoms since we figured what's the point? took a while the first time anyways.
I've used my FF app to track my periods and occasionally when we DTD. That is literally all I've been doing. No BBT, no OPT's, no pre-seed, no
Also our sex life is definitely not what it was like before we had Henry. This past month I can tell you we had sex exactly twice. Once on CD10 and the other on CD23.
I still can't figure it out.

I started getting suspicious when my period was literally due in the next day or so and my breast were feeling very tender still. By now the tenderness would have subsided. I have only had constant breast soreness once before and that was during my 1st pregnancy.
I was going to wait a bit longer to be sure but I couldn't help myself. Away to CVS I flew! this time I did not lock myself out of the house :)

This was Monday. Monday night I decorated a Christmas cookie for DH that said "I'm Preggo!" While we sat and watched our Christmas tree and drank our hot chocolate, I gave him his cookie.
His reaction you ask? laughter...a lot of laughter. From both of us. It was a mix of "how in the world?" laughter and "omg how are we going to do this?" laughter.
We are for the record over the moon with joy. It still hasn't fully set in that we will be having 2 kids only 2 years apart. Yes, I am incredibly nervous too.

I'm switching OB's yet again for many reasons but mostly because I want to delivery at a different hospital and I would like an OB who supports VBACS. I have my first appointment on Jan 6th. I'll be about 8 weeks along or so. It feels like forever away! I hope I don't go nuts, lol.

All I have to say is take that RE!! (because I know you like totally read my blog)

Our little "cookie" according to my app is due Aug 2015.

Happily Crumbling On,

I want to just update my readers real quick. On Nov 4th, 2014 we lost our puppy Jack to his cancer. He was our first puppy and first real pet loss. I can not begin to describe how painful the decision was to let him go but he was not himself anymore. He never showed he was in pain, not until that last day with him when we knew it was time. I will always miss you my sweet baby boy. May you rest in peace until the day we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge.


  1. I am sorry about your pup, but big congrats on becoming pregnant....and especially NOT having to stress about it this time around. What a huge blessing!!

    1. Thank you Emily! Yes it truly is a blessing and I could not be more grateful. I hope your doing wonderfully, you like squish is so adorable and I hope your enjoying every ounce of motherhood :)