Monday, June 24, 2013

My little guy is here!

It's been almost two months since I've posted! I apologize, after the baby shower I became a bit lazy and now I just haven't had a moment to myself to update my blog, lol

My Birth Story

At 39 weeks 4 days I set a date to have an induction done for June 3. My regular OBGYN did not want me past 40 weeks due to Lil Ducky's size, my gestational diabetes and his SUA issues. Since I was not dilated and my cervix was still very closed and high he did warn me my c-section rate was a 60-70% chance.
I had an ultrasound appointment the next day with the high risk office where it was determine that he was measuring over 9lbs. My high risk OBGYN did not feel that an induction was appropriate and could potentially put the baby and I at higher risk for complications. Both my doctor's felt it was in our better interest to have a scheduled c-section. After much talking and debating I decided to go ahead with the c-section. I grieved the loss of losing my natural birth plan and moved forward, excited to finally be meeting my little guy. 
C-sections are incredibly strange and I will tell you that if it wasn't for having my DH there my anxiety levels would have gone through the roof! I was laid out on the table as if I was on a cross and I just remember feeling shoved around for a bit by the doctor's while they made small talk over God knows what. I just stayed talking with DH the whole time. 
Suddenly I felt a huge amount of pressure like someone had sat on my chest and then I heard my baby boy! I can't begin to describe how amazing it was to hear him.
They cleaned him up  and gave him to DH. He was so quiet just staring at up at us and I remember just being in complete awe of this little stranger. 

Henry Tomás was born on May 31st, 2013 at 4:27pm. He weighed 9lbs 4oz. <3

Here is my little guy at one week old.

We are all doing very well. Henry is such a good baby and I am enjoying every minute of being a new mommy! I enjoyed every moment of my pregnancy, even the last month that I was so uncomfortable & irritable all the time, lol. My journey has ended but OUR journey as a family has just begun.
Thank you everyone for the support you have lend me along the way. I will continue to keep my blog updated and I look forward to some of my favorite bloggers getting their chance to fulfill the dream of motherhood as well. 

Very Happily Quaking On,


  1. Aw! Your baby is adorbs and I <3 that shirt. Congratulations!

    1. thank you very much, I have a collection of music bands onsies going, lol.