Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The most beautiful sound!

I had my first official OB appointment today at 10.4 weeks.
They tried using the fetal doppler on me but the PA I had didn't think we were going to find it on the doppler this early.
She was right! to an ultrasound I went. I was super happy since I was told I would not get any until 20 weeks but they needed to hear the heartbeat. Who am I to argue? (grinning from ear to ear)

Now I began taking off my pants until I notice the technician was looking at me funny. Apparently I was getting a regular ultrasound not a transvaginal one as I had become so accustomed to. (akward!)
Well since the baby was so little and it wasn't a transvaginal ultrasound (plus an empty bladder) we were not able to really see the baby. The technician showed me a flicker of the heartbeat and I'll admit I could not see what in the world she was talking about but I smiled and nodded.
When it was time to measure the heartbeat I heard the most beautiful sound of my life..
I was in a trance just listening to this strong, fast & wonderful beating.
I couldn't stop smiling, for the first time I fully understood that their is life growing inside me. I think I have been half convinced that I'm not really pregnant, it's all just a hysterical dream and that I am going to wake up at any moment.
It was a lovely 175bpm
My Dh wasn't able to come with me today, he sounded so disapointed not to have been there but we have our NT scan next Wednesday. I know he is going to feel the way I do when he sees and hears the baby next week.
I am so in love, so utterly in love.


  1. Yippee! I rented and then later bought a medical grade digital Doppler from Belly......Beats so I could check on baby once per week and you can even hook it up to computer and record your baby's heartbeat into a sound file!!!

  2. Awe, what an amazing thing to hear. I am so happy for you!