Wednesday, November 6, 2013

5 months and lumpy!

How in the world are their mom's out there who find the time (and energy) to exercise? Are you all some sort of advance human species put on this planet to mock me? LOL

I lost all the baby weight so that is a plus. Anyone out there in cyber land have any good workout regiments? I need to get back on track before the holidays makes this worse.

Ok, tiny rant over.

So life with my tiny, precious, ever-changing little man is more wonderful than I have words for, I truly love being a mom. Being a working mom makes me appreciate every single second I get with him but I love the fact that my son gets to spend so much time with his Daddy. My DH is an excellent father. He has step up to the plate in ways that truly break down these stereotypical gender roles placed by our society. Even though Henry lights up when he sees me, the way he looks and plays with DH is entirely different than what we have.

As an incredibly squishy little thing, I can't complain. Henry's temperament is just set to sweet. New environments, noises and people do not upset him. He loves children and senior citizens with wrinkly faces (laughs up a storm!)

My mom tells me he reminds her of me in personality when I was his age. The looks department is a different story. If I didn't have him inside of me for 9 months I would ask for a DNA test.

Isn't he adorable? Not like I'm bias or anything :)
I hope he keeps those big blue eyes...totally not Mommy's eyes.

Sleeping for the most part is going well, he can sleep through the night but has been congested these past few nights and I believe he is teething so multiple waking’s are currently happening.

Milestones so far...

·         I have seen him roll over from belly to back 3x in one day. Hasn't happened again.

·         I know he can roll from back to belly since I found him on his belly one morning in the crib.

·         Can sit up WITH assistance

·         And earned his PhD last week! :P

Honestly he is on a normal track and I don't worry about every little thing he is or isn't doing. Our pediatrician says he looks great and I'm good with that.

He just started rice cereal recently; the pediatrician recommended it for practice as she wants us to start solids at 6 months. He did great and absolutely LOVED it! Today we move onto oatmeal and then barley. I've decided to give him his first solid on Thanksgiving. He will be enjoying sweet potatoes a-la Mommy style with the rest of us. Can't wait to start pureeing!

Nomm Nomm Nomm :)


Deliciously Quaking On,


  1. Big, handsome boy!! Love the pics :-)

    1. Thank you!! Yes he seems HUGE to me these days. lol