Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Year, New Doctor!

I have an appointment set-up with a new OB January 7th, 2013!
He comes recommended through my Bosses wife’s colleague. They are nurses at the hospital I plan to deliver.
I'm really hoping this will be it! His staff, so far have been so nice with me and they answer their phones right away. A great change from a horrible staff at my previous practice that will leave you on hold for 30-45 minutes! I hope if the receptionist are good, then hopefully the rest of the staff will be too.
I'm currently 16.1 weeks. I'll be exactly 20 weeks for my appointment which means they will more than likely schedule me for an anatomy scan pretty quickly afterwards.
The good news is that my DH and I have decided to do an elective ultrasound this Friday. I don't care about the sex, I wanted to go Team Green to begin with but I caved because hubby really wants to know and since I’ve known him he rarely asks for anything. I'll just be happy to see my little Ducky again!
We did compromise a little on this ultrasound. Our technician will be writing the sex down on paper and placing it in an envelope. DH can read what the sex is when I'm not around him and will get to know what the baby is for a few days only because he has some shopping to do!
Come Christmas morning he has been instructed to leave a present for me under the tree from Santa that will hold a present inside that will clearly indicate if we are having a boy or girl. This way he gets what he wants and I still get a surprise, so to speak :)
I have also THREATEN him that no matter what anyone does to him, no one gets to know the sex of the baby before I do.
It's a good thing he only has to keep the secret for 3 days, lol
Can't wait! <3


  1. That sounds like a nice compromise and treat! I can't wait to find out right along with ya. Do you have any hunches about gender though, if you had to guess? Thanks also for your kind words in reply to my comment on your previous post. I'm glad things are going well for you all.

    1. I wish I could say I did, my maternal instincts are so unrealiable right now, lol. Everyone keeps telling me its a boy, except for my grandmother. Ironically when my mother was pregnant with me everyone told her the same thing (except grandma) and grandma was right!
      Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

  2. Why are they telling you it's a boy...due to old wives' tales? Of course you just want a healthy, happy baby...but do either of you have preferences for 1 gender or another? I hope you and yours have a great holiday as well :)

  3. Awh, I love your idea of letting your hubby do the gender reveal for you! Very sweet and special for the two of you. Glad to see things are going well. I know it's a hard choice to make a switch to a new dr. but I have no doubt you'll be so glad you did!

  4. And the gender is.......... drum roll please LOL? Don't keep me hanging till New Years' LOL. I also want all of the details regarding everyones' reactions. I don't ask for much, do I??? :-)