Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Christmas Story....Part 1

I don't even know where to begin. Last time I posted I was happily awaiting Christmas morning to find out Ducky's sex. I do have that information for everyone but will tell you at the end of my story. This post will be more or less a vent to what turned into a Christmas nightmare.
First off let me start by saying that the baby and I are fine. Tired & shaken but fine.

Christmas Eve was great. Good times were had with my family here at home. I didn't return to my house till about 1:30am and since it was technically Christmas morning by then I begged and pleaded with DH to let me open the gift. He complied and I had a very wonderful Christmas morning as I learned what I was carrying inside :) Now...more on that later (patience, patience)

Christmas morning we drive to Vermont to see DH's family. Drive went smoothly and the rest of the day was good as well. That was pretty much the best part of my vacation, after that things just kind of went nuts.
My DH and I became sick the following day, it was pretty bad. No fun winter activities to be had for us. My temperature went as high as 101.7 and it took a little over 24 hrs. to finally break it and keep it at a much more reasonable temperature. Those 2-3 days were a bit of a blur for me. I just remember couch, T.V., Tylenol, sleep and fluids. We stayed an extra day than planned because we were just too weak to drive home.

Flash forward to Saturday morning, Dec 29th. DH and I are good to go home. We were still weak but doing much better. Our trip that usually takes us 5.5-6hrs ended up taking 8hrs thanks to the horribly snowy driving conditions that never let up.
This day turned out very strange for me. Since the previous night I was having some abdominal pains I couldn’t explain. They didn’t go away Saturday either. The pain wasn’t too bad when I was sitting but the few times I got out of the car and walk around it felt like I had done 500 sit-ups in a row and I kept  having a lot of pressure down there. What also concerned me that day as well is the fluid I was leaking. I didn't have a full bladder when we first stop the car so I could not figure out why with every step I took I would gush some fluid out uncontrollably. Even sitting in the car after using the bathroom it keep coming out. It stayed this way for all 8 hours of the trip and so on. It didn't have a smell to it, just light yellow in color. Being a FTM I was freaked and ended up calling my new OB practice (who I hadn't met yet) to speak with an on call doctor. He told me I would need to have an ultrasound to check on everything but at this time of night I could only get one at the ER.
With this doctor’s recommendation, my DH without a moment’s hesitation whisked me away to the ER. At most we were only home an hour before we were driving again.
We went in at 9:30pm and that's when the real "fun" started.......
                                              To Be Continued


  1. I'm not sure if I can handle waiting another month for part 2, LOL...but I'm glad you and baby are OK. It really worried me when I didn't hear anything for days and days. Hope it continues to go well for your family.

    1. Lol, I promise I'll post part two soon, this whole experience threw me for a loop and pushed my writing back a bit. That's why I figured I'd tell people first off that me and baby are ok so nobody freaks out this whole time :)

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