Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Christmas Story...Part 2 (Finale)

Ok we continue on with the show….

Once we were at the ER I was put through a series of tests and such. They placed an I.V. in me, took about 4 vials of blood, sent me for an ultrasound and checked out the PH of my “leakage”.

Well when all was said and done a very tired and out of it looking doctor discussed our results with us. All blood work is fine, I’m not leaking amniotic fluid but the results of my ultrasound stated that my amniotic fluid came back on the low side. I needed to follow-up with my OBGYN asap. We left the hospital around 3:30am.

I spent all Sunday in bed with a gallon of water by my side in hopes by some miracle I could replenish fluid that I had somehow lost. Although I tried not to despair it was impossible not to. I was miserable and very tired. I tried to find some information on this but since the possibilities on why I was low varied from source to source, I stop googling since it was not helping me calm down. My mother spent the day with me feeding me and keeping me company. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have her there. We have very different personalities and we tend to bicker more as we get older but when it is needed she is there in an open, loving way only. My DH is wonderful but he couldn’t provide me with the comfort I needed. I think he was having a hard time processing this as well.

Monday morning rolls around and I have an appointment with an OBGYN at my new clinic (not the doctor I had an upcoming appointment with) to see what I should do. His name was Dr. Gerber (I found this slightly amusing) and he was really wonderful. He laid down what my options would be if I had lost all my fluid and so forth but he also said that sometimes he doesn’t completely trust the results of the ER because A) They are being transcribe sometimes from a different state altogether and B) The ultrasound technician is not specialized in OB. I prayed he was right.

He checked out my cervix, it was completely closed. He also rechecked the PH of my vaginal fluids, no amniotic fluids found. Amazingly he scheduled me at a high risk pregnancy office for an ultrasound same day (mind you it was New Year’s Eve). The results of the ultrasound would determine our options.

As soon as I settled into the coolest chair I’ve ever been in, the first thing the technician stated to us was “looks to me like baby has plenty of fluids”……THANK YOU LORD!

Honestly the rest of the ultrasound was a blur; I didn’t even realize she had decided to do my anatomy scan that day as well. They didn’t get all the pictures they needed so I have to go back but to me that is just another chance to see my little Ducky. The only thing she could tell me about what happened in the ER is that the shape of my uterus might have caused them to miscalculate the amount of fluid in the amniotic pockets. DH and I couldn’t have been happier that everything was OK, although DH is ready to burn down the ER…..he was very pissed at this whole experience, I can’t blame him though. I’m also happy to say that I love my new practice and have decided to keep good ole Dr. Gerber!

So now for the part you have all been waiting for. My DH gave me two boxes to open Christmas morning. One contained a cookie cutter in the shape of an E. I got very happy at first thinking I knew what it already was but then I figured DH wouldn’t make it so easy.  We already have names chosen for both a boy and a girl and both names have the letter E in it. When I opened the second box the rest of the letters came pouring out along with a onesie. I couldn’t help but start shouting….it’s a BOY! OMG it’s a BOY! :)

 "Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering 'it will be happier'...." -Alfred Tennyson

Quaking on into the New Year,

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  1. I'm so happy things are going well! How are you feeling? Even though I'm hoping for a girl to complete my family...I have 2 boys and I can honestly say that there is NOTHING like the love of a Mama's Boy. They literally light up as though I am the sunshine of their world, and even though they are friendly with everyone... they worship me. I hope that things continue to go well and that your new year is uneventful until it's time for your SON to meet the family. :)