Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My DH's Birthday Goals

It’s been awhile since I have posted so please forgive me.
September is a very busy month in a University's academic calendar year and I have been working non-stop! Seriously is it Christmas yet?
So my DH's birthday was this past Monday. I made dinner, we went to try out some pumpkin ales and had a jolly good time overall.
Later in the evening before bed we were talking about this new year for him and he decided he was going to write goals to accomplish before he turns 29 next year. At first he did 5 but thought it would be much more challenging to do 28. We had so much fun writing it and I can't wait to see him complete them.
Now he did write down (all on his own accord) "Father a child". I made him add "with first wife" since I don't need any "surprises". You have heard of the phrase "careful what you wish for?" lol.
After we went to bed I started thinking, what if we can't accomplish that within a year? I mean hell it’s already been more than a year now and both him and I don't need that kind of pressure.
I don't want him to remove it because I like it when he and I are on board with this TTC adventure together and I am already very aware that there are couples out there that aren't.
So I wrote an extra goal for him (without him knowing) and placed it inside our hope chest. This way if that one doesn't get accomplished he still would have completed 28 goals. Ain’t I clever?

What's the goal you may ask? Simple really....."Be the best husband ever"....honestly, he could never fail with that one. :)

Quacking on,

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  1. Awh, it sounds like you two have an amazing relationship. You are lucky to have one of the good ones. Hoping it happens for you in the time you are hoping for. Lots of baby dust to you!!