Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Girl, A Dream and her Soy Isoflavones

Hello all in Cyberland!
So were did we leave off?
Ah yes, Cycle # 15.
Currently I am on CD7 and decided that this month I would be courageous and try Soy Isoflavones. After much research and internal debate I decided at least 1 round of this would be the most I would be willing to try. They are not technically recommend for those who ovulate on their own however many women still take them who do. Especially those who ovulate later in the month and want to move up there ovulation date (
Soy Isoflavones are considered a "natural" form of the drug called Clomid which is an ovulation inducing drug. You take them for 5 days in your cycle. You can do CD 1-5, 3-7 or 5-9.
Taking them starting the day after CD 5 is not recommend as it can harm more than help your fertility. Those who take Soy Isoflavones early (CD 1-5) usually ovulate earlier and have higher chances for multiple eggs to be released. CD5-9 tend to produce a stonger more mature egg and those doing it CD3-7 get a bit of both worlds. I have opted to take Soy Isoflavones during CD 3-7. Today is my last day, woohoo!
Now my hope is to produce a nice strong mature egg since I clearly produced no egg last month. I have heard many sucess stories for those who used Soy Isoflavones so I am really hoping this is my month.
I will be put on Clomid in December for my IUI (if it gets to that point) so why not try this out?
My dosage so far has been 80mg, 120mg, 120mg, 160mg and today will be 200mg. I have read by increasing the dosage towards the end it will force out ovulation. However anyone can play with the dosage, some recommend you start out with 80mg for all 5 days. Try what works for you.
I have held off as long as I could with feritility type drugs for one reason and one reason alone.
I get it, their cute and everyone gets excited for it but I'll be honest with you.....not for me.
Most people don't get it, its 2! twice the joy, love and all that good stuff but also...twice the crying, feeding, diapers, lack of sleep, etc....
If it happens, it happens but no one can say I didn't hold out long enough to make sure it doesn't happen.

As for side effects, I can't complain. I take them after I have eaten so I don't experience much. I've had 1 or 2 mini hotflashes and had a little bit of a headache the other night but that is pretty much it. I have notice a little bit of a rash on my neck. It isn't severve but I can't be sure if its related to the Soy Iso's.

In 3 days time I will be starting with my OPK's again and getting "busy", can't wait!!!

Quacking on,


  1. I am new to your blog and very interested to read some of your older post to learn more about what you have been through. I have also been on this TTC journey for awhile, 23 months. I have charted on and off, taken EPO (evening primrose oil, which by the way was the only time i had a BFP that sadly ended in a MC and then I tried EPO again with no luck). I also did one cycle of Soy. I like you had read so much on it and thought I will try this for one cycle and one cylce only. So I did, it didnt work for me however maybe it would have! I took it the same days as you, 3-7, and did not really anticipate how much it would actually change my O. I had read from so many other people that it was more of the late O'rs that had there O moved up so we were not heavy into the bd'ing when I O'd. It ended up making me O on CD 11 and we just had not prepared well enough for that. SO now that your finished I would encourage you to BD more frequently than you have in the past just in case it moves your O date up a lot! Here is to hoping good things are in your future!!

    1. Day by day, thank you for that input. I'm in a phase of my life where since they cannot pinpoint what our issue is that I am just trying basically anything on my own. Part of me still thinks I can conceive on my own and I guess it is what keeps me going. Your journey sounds like it has been long and I wish that it won't be too much longer for you! Were you using OPK's at the time time you took Soy Iso's? I'm currently at CD12 with negative OPK's but thankfully my DH is very "in the mood" this month, lol. I will make sure I stick to a good BD regiment ;)...thank you again for following me!

  2. I ran into your blog, we are on the same cycle day! I took them CD3 to CD7 as well.
    Fx for you! Hope you get your bfp.
    Can't wait to read your updates.

    1. Awesome! I hope they work out for the both of us :)

  3. Did the soy work for you?

    1. Hello,

      I truly feel that they did. Up until that point I was not doing anything differently. I had been using opk's, preseed, charting, etc for quite a few months already. The first time I used Soy was my last time as I was able to conceive on the first try. I was ready to do a couple of rounds of Soy so I was pretty shocked that it worked that first time.