Monday, August 13, 2012

The what plan? a review of SMEP

I did promise it so here it is......SMEP= Sperm-meets-egg-plan

I came across this term through the TTC message boards and eventually found the actual plan. The link below will take you to a more detailed page on this "miracle" plan.

Now this plan is technically designed for those who have suffered a miscarriage but can also be used for those TTC and want to take a really proactive approach in the conception process. It's basically in a nutshell A LOT of sex because lets face it, only way you can make a baby is with sex (aside from IUI, IVF, etc).
You start on CD8 and have sex every other day. You must also start using OPK's on CD10 because you have to switch up the sex once you get a + OPK. Once you have a nice pretty + OPK then you have to make sure you bed that day and the following 2 days afterward, skip one day and bed one more day afterwards.
See? I told you, it's A LOT of sex.
More power to those who can get it on everyday. I am not one of them and I think those people are insane.

The only problem I really have with this plan is that it can get way out of control and stress you out. I decided to try and commit to this plan for my 14th cycle and here is what I've done so far.
CD 7=sex (yes I know I started early but I was really horny and it was 1am) CD10=Sex, CD12=Sex, CD15= + OPK Yay!!- also sex, (happy I didn't do it on CD14) CD16=Sex, CD17=Sex....Phew!

Today is CD18 and I wasn't planning on getting down however on CD17 I decided to do another OPK and it was +!!!! WTF!!!! Does that mean I have to do it again today and tomorrow? 5 days in a row is too much for both my DH and I.
I do chart my BBT and I really thought that I ovulated on CD16 (I had a temperature rise on CD17) however this morning it did fall a bit so basically everything about today is frustrating me. I did take another OPK and it was negative (thank God!) now I just have to wait to see if Fertility Friend determines that I actually did ovulate.
In the meantime.....must prepare to get hot and heavy for tommorow.....hmm I have an old sexy nurse costume in the attic I can pull out..... ;)

Quaking on,

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