Friday, August 24, 2012

Pregnant for a day..

Last Tuesday I experienced my very first evaporation line on a pregnancy test. For those of you who do not know what this is I'll explain. It is a HORRIBLE, CRUEL JOKE! It is a super faint line that appears on a pregnancy test that is almost greyish in color. I immediately rushed over to the "Tweakers Board" a board on the Baby Center forums that is dedicated to taking your tests and "tweaking" them to see if in fact you really are seeing a line on the test or not. You see there are some of us (ahem..MANY of us) that stare at these tests until we go crosseyed for even the faintest of lines that would give us hope. A lot of these test are faint because we test 9dpo early. Most sane people, pregnancy boxes and websites will tell you not to test until the first day of your missed period...but we are not sane now are we?
They "tweaked" it. It was beautiful. Everyone was convinced it was a real BFP.

The point of this short little post of mine is that even though I managed to keep myself level-headed (shock!) I won't lie, I was in a state of blissful and utter happiness. I was singing while cooking, catering to the needs of my husband and every now and again rubing my belly. I drove extra careful on my way home, I turned on my Pandora station to Brad Paisley and what was the first song? "Anything like me"....I love this song so freaking much it hurts to listen to it sometimes.
So it is no surprise that later that night and the next morning when I tested again I received 2 test that were BFN.....
Still I had some hope I was only 11dpo.
AF came yesterday........kick in the nuts if I had any.

So now I'm CD2 coming from a cycle that was 27 days long (short for me), possibly no ovulation and if I did ovualte it is with an LP of 11 days which just seems bad.....onward we march.

Quacking on,

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  1. It just blows when your cycle not only ends in a -HPT but also ends up whacky or short or anovulatory. Hang in there! This one will be better!